Best Wireless Chargers for Iphone

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Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone


All models starting with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ and newer Apple smartphones support QI-technology, which allows the use of wireless charging.


Wireless charging is much more convenient than the cord, which you need to constantly connect /disconnect, unravel and pull closer to yourself. You just put the phone on the table, by the bed or on the charging platform in the car, which will give you the opportunity to keep the phone charged most of the day.


We present a list of the best in our opinion wireless chargers for iPhone.



  1. Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad


A 5W PowerPort Wireless charges iPhone 30% faster than a similar charger. High charging speed, reasonable price, and nice design make this model one of the most popular on the market. The charger has advanced temperature control, which provides a 100% safe charge.


  1. Belkin Boost Up 7.5W


Charger developed in conjunction with Apple. The power of 7.5 watts allows you to charge the iPhone more quickly. The design of the device is not only beautiful but also convenient — the charging pad has an anti-slip silicone ring that prevents slipping and micro-scratches on the phone's case.


  1. Yootech 7.5 W Wireless Charger


Another 7.5 W charger is equipped with temperature control, overvoltage and short circuit protection. It works with almost all types of rubber and silicone cases. Metal cases must be removed before use.


  1. Samsung 9W Fast Charge Wireless Charger


A powerful charger that accelerates the charge time by an average of 50 minutes compared to 5W chargers. The upper part of the device is made of matte silicone so that the phone does not slide off the platform during charging. Another plus of this model — the charger can be transformed into a stand for the phone. So you can comfortably use your phone while charging in a vertical or horizontal position.


  1. Mophie Wireless Charging Base 7.5W


Compact wireless charging device with simple, minimal design. Compared to competitors, it has a number of advantages: it charges the phone 50% faster than similar chargers (7.5W power) and allows you to charge the phone even in the thickest cases of any materials. The contact surface of the device is made of rubberized non-slip material.


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