How do cell phone charging stations work?

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Cell phone power station is the choice of modern people

Today when everybody has several devices, such as computer, phone, tablet, smartwatch, special charging tool is vital. It should be able to charge all devices in one spot and simultaneously. The process should be quick and qualitative. Modern people don’t have time to look for an individual charger for each device, so the tool should be universal. Or if a user lives in a big family/works in a big office and there are three, four or six smartphones that are needed to be charged, what is the solution? Any space will not fit more than 5-10 rosettes. Here is a magic tool which was invented about ten years ago - cell phone battery charging station. Now we can leave all gadgets in one place and do other important staff. The only thing you need is personal cable for each of your gadgets. But if you choose wireless mobile cell phone charging station, even cable isn’t necessary.

Types of charging stations

Manufacturers of mobile and computer equipment have invented different variations of multiple charging station for cell phones that we can use for our gadgets. For example:

  • Usb-hub;
  • dock stations;
  • portable battery with USB-connectors;
  • wireless portable battery etc.

You can choose any of them. There is diversity of these accessories on today's market which means that everybody can choose the charging tool in accordance with one's taste, price and purpose.

How do cell phone charging stations work

Before buying, one should understand the main principles of work of cell phone battery charging station.

Let’s begin from the first type – a USB-hub. A USB hub is a device that increases number of USB ports and makes possible using of several USB devices at the same time. When buying a USB hub, you need to know that they differ in their forms. So, the first one is a USB PCI card. It connects to a free slot of motherboard. Another type of USB hub is a small device that connects to one of the USB ports of the computer. As a rule, it has 2-6 additional ports. The fact is that devices which connect to the USB-concentrate consume a lot of energy. Due to this internal energy resource of the USB hub may not be enough for all devices that are connected at the same time to work. Why? The thing is that USB port of computer or laptop gives out a limited amount of power. And if one port is "splitted" into several, then the power will be divided into all connected devices and may not be enough for some of them. The third type is an active USB hub. It has external power source, which means it can be connected to rossetes. Thus, you will have the opportunity to leave it at a decent distance from the computer or laptop and not to think about power loss and lowering the data transfer rate. This USB-hub has an additional four or more USB ports. There are models even with 49 and 80 ports. There is an alternative accessory to a USB hub for a laptop - a USB computer card. It connects to the port located on of the sides of the laptop and provides 2 additional USB ports.

The next type is a docking station. It is a special tool that connects to your gadget using a group of connectors or wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and extends its capabilities. Docking stations help to open up much more smartphone features to user. They turn it into a high-quality media player. All of them fit both to Android and iOS devices. There are three types of stations for the phone.

  • In the form of a stand. You can set the phone on a stand both in horizontal and vertical position. In this case charging station will be just a usual stand.
  • Charger. Helps to charge a phone in a secure position.
  • A multimedia smartphone charging station combines a set of functions: this is a regular stand, a portable charger, and allows playing media in video and audio formats. At the same time, sound will be supplied through built-in speakers, which will undoubtedly increase sound quality.

The last but not least – portable battery chargers. Principle of operation is that you can charge the device and not be attached to the charging place. User can be out, on the way to somewhere and charge a gadget without being tied to a particular place. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?

But whatever type of charger you choose, make yourself sure of its productivity and quality.


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