How do wireless car phone chargers work?

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What is wireless charging itself?

The ability to charge your device without using any wire appeared in our lives quite long time ago. First devices, cellphones, which could be charged without using wires, have been created 5 years ago and users all over the world were really surprised by this creation. But after some time, people understood, that it was much more comfortable way of charging because all you needed to do is just to put your device on charger.

Here are some advantages of wireless chargers:

  • ease of use - you just need to put the phone on a special surface (dock), and remove it after the battery replenishes the capacity by 100%;
  • no need of using cables, which causes a lot of inconvenience;
  • device has small dimensions, and for charging it is not necessary to put your phone on the surface of a docking station, but it can also be located nearby;
  • Total Health Safety;
  • positively affects battery itself, providing it with a gentle charge;
  • socket does not wear out, which is a big problem in phones with conventional wired chargers.

So as you can see, wireless charger is a really great device and it’s very comfortable to use even in your … car! People created wireless car chargers to ease our lives even more!

How does wireless cell phone charger for car work?

Any wired charger transfers electricity to the battery of mobile device via an electric cable. Charger receives electricity from the network, with the help of a step-down transformer, lowers the voltage to the desired value, using a small electronic circuit, the electric current is rectified and supplied to the battery of the mobile device. Wireless charging also receives electricity, but from the vehicle’s on-board network, and converts it using induction coils. These coils are able to create an electromagnetic field, and within boundaries of this field to transmit electricity at a distance. The wave energy directly in the battery goes into electrical energy, and thus the battery is charged.

Wireless car chargers work on the same principle, but they take electricity not from 220 Volt network, but from the car's on-board network.

You need to know that wireless cellphone charger for car is an absolutely safe device. There are some opinions about charger’s harm for human’s health, but this is a lie. The fact is, these chargers are absolutely safe because the area of their effect is not so big and that’s why they can’t influence on health. This effect covers only five centimeters distance around charger so it’s literally impossible to harm somebody who is inside the car.

So great and comfortable!

It’s so great option, that you can put wireless car charger in any place you need: windshield or duct grille, doesn’t matter. In most cases such chargers are equipped with LED indication which helps you to see how much is your battery already charged.

Also, last models of car chargers can indicate by themselves the model of your cell phone. It is possible because they are equipped with a special infrared sensor. This prevents your phone from overheating or too slow charging, because charger “knows” what power of charging is necessary for your device.

And the best thing about wireless car charging is the fact, that they are constructed in a way which greatly eases its using. You can put mobile phone on charger just with help of one hand! And you can take it back with same hand. That helps a driver to stay concentrated on a road and not to be distracted by anything.

So really, wireless car charger is something that every driver needs!

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