How fast wireless car charger?

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Wireless charger

Wireless charging technology is not new. The first phones with support for this technology appeared 5 years ago. And now all the best flagship phones can be charged without wires. Such charging can be used not only at home or at work. It can be used in any car. What is wireless charging and how does it work? Wireless charging is a usual phone holder. It is used in order to conveniently watch navigator or notifications that come on the phone. The holder with wireless charging looks like a usual holder. But the main difference - when you place your phone inside - it starts to charge. Charging power depends on phone model and usually differs of 5 - 10 W (1-2 Amperes). Wireless charging in holder can fit with any iPhone (IOS) and Android phone. The operating system does not affect charging. It won’t be enough to say that this magic device is something so useful and necessary to have in your car that it is really hard to describe by words!

Is it safe to have a wireless charger in your car?

Of course it is! Such car chargers are completely safe for people. Area of ​​their influence extends literally a few centimeters from wireless charger itself. As a rule, these devices have a range of up to five centimeters. Since mobile device is in close proximity to wireless charger, phone is charged in the most qualitative way. These car chargers do not have excess electromagnetic radiation, which in any way can affect well-being of people while they are in the car.

Wireless car charger is very easy to use!

Wireless car charger can be located in any place that suits you, whether it's a windshield or a nearby air duct grille. Usually, wireless car chargers are equipped with LED indicators, which indicate the degree of charge of the battery of your smartphone.

Also, most wireless car chargers have in their arsenal a special sensor that operates in the infrared range. This sensor works in a special way to determine model of your smartphone and automatically extend the grips with which the mobile device is held on a wireless car charger.

Wireless car chargers are designed in such a way that it's very convenient for a driver to insert his mobile device into charger with one hand, as well as remove the smartphone from there. This feature allows you not to be distracted from the traffic situation while the car is moving, and it is very easy to carry out all the manipulations with car charging with literally - “one touch”.

How fast car charger can be?

It depends on some factors. First, you should understand, that wireless car chargers have different power capacity, which ranges from 4 to 11 watts, and which is selected for a specific charging mode. The standard power of a wireless charger is 5 watts, but if you use express charging mode, then on average the power rises to 10 watts. For some models of mobile devices, it's enough to have about 8 watts of power. And that means, that the more power capacity your car charger has the faster charging will be.

For example, fast car wireless charger with 10 watts of power capacity can be used for charging iphone x and it will take only 1,5 hours. It’s very fast, isn’t it?

And the second factor which influences on speed of charging is your mobile phone power ability. Because if charger has too high power compared to your phone, it can be overheated. So that’s why it’s very important to know characteristics of your device.

Choose only qualitative products and be sure that they won’t harm either your device, neither your health!

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