How to charge cell phone battery with usb cable?

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Everybody knows that nasty situation when a cell phone has 0% of charge but you need to use it right now. And of course there is no time to find some place where you can charge your device. Moreover, there is no charger even, because you forgot it at home, or lost it, or it's broken etc. What to do in such situation? If there is usb cable for cell phone in your pocket, then there are minimum 3 ways how to charge cell phone battery with usb cable.

First method: use usb cable and computer for charging cell phone.

If there is a computer or laptop nearby, that’s great because it can become an energy source for your mobile gadget. Any smartphone has a USB cable which is compatible with it. Keep it always with you, and in case your phone is left with 0% of charge, connect your cell phone to computer with a usb cable. Then, USB connection menu will appear on the smartphone screen. Ignore it, because anyway the smartphone will still charge.

This way of charging is really good because if person connects his smartphone with a computer, he can not only charge it, but also share some files, photos, documents etc.

Second method: use cell phone charging usb cable to charge it in the car.

This method is good for those people, who have a car and car charger. Car charger for the phone is more than necessary thing today. Unfortunately, modern smartphones that replace drivers communication tool, a navigator and on-board computer, are very quickly discharged.

The best thing about this method is the fact that there is no need to stop our fast rhythm of living: we can continue to go on meeting, gym, cafe and charge our phone at the same time. All we need to have is just a cable and car charger.

There is one more interesting device for car – wireless car charger. It's a special charger for any smartphone which can be charged with help of Qi standard. It’s great because in this case you don’t need any cable to start charging.

Third method: use powerbank to charge your smartphone.

Power Bank is an external battery for charging mobile gadgets. It's a portable device which has two connectors: micro-USB from one side and usual USB-connector from another. A smartphone is charged via micro-USB, and if you need to charge a Power Bank, just use usual USB-connector.

Everybody can find a variety of Power Bank devices on the modern market of electronics. First of all, potential user of power bank has to choose the capacity of the external battery. For example, in case of using the Power Bank of 20,000 mAh power capacity, you can charge the phone at least five times.

The price of such devices depends on their capacity, compactness, design, brand. They can have a charge indicator or a built-in solar battery that charges Power Bank itself, in this case the price will be higher.

This method is good for those people who don’t have a car but still want not to keep fast living rhythm. If there is a powerbank and a cable, you can go wherever you need and charging won’t stop.

Choose whatever you like.

So there are main and the most popular methods how you can charge your smartphone with help of usb-cable. And you can choose any of them and don’t think about cell phone usb cable types because this fact doesn’t matter. You should just have a cable which fits your smartphone, that’s all.

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