How to clean Macbook charger cable?

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Protection of Macbook chargers from damage

MacBook charger is extremely important part for an appropriate functioning of laptop. The original one that's included in standard set is always high-quality and, what's the most important, suitable for your particular model of notebook. So people always try to handle with this notebook part carefully for maximizing its life. But sometimes because of different situations user should buy a new one. Usually one meets some difficulties as far as the purchasing process is concerned. Some of them are to:

  • know particular model of Mac device (for some inexperienced users this stage could be the most difficult);
  • find appropriate charging device;
  • find appropriate charging device on ADEQUATE PRICE etc.

So it’s better to do everything for lasting charger life. And here are some tips which could help to keep the chargers safe:

  • Do not pull wire when disconnecting the charger.
  • Do not allow water to get on charger housing, wire or plug.
  • Avoid severe temperature changes.
  • Avoid dropping or striking the charger.
  • Do not entangle or tie wire into a knot.
  • Do not use charging device without surge protection (recommended).

These major steps can help you in protection of this important MacBook accessory from damage. So try to follow them.

First signs of charger damage

Even if you did everything possible for lasting the charger's life, device could be damaged because of different factors. Major signs pointing at the necessity to ask yourself if the charger works properly:

  • Charger wire braid. You will immediately understand that something is wrong just by looking at it. If cable begins to twist. When it happens - braid completely breaks after a short time. And this can’t be prevented. When the braid is broken, an aluminum core is exposed. Of course, the impact on productivity of work is not immediate, however it is much more vulnerable to further damage.
  • Overheating of blockhead. It’s normal when blockhead heats because it’s work connected with charging current. But it shouldn’t be too overheated. The most noticeable indicator of incorrect work is the smell of burning – you should immediately disconnect charger replace it with a new one.
  • Deterioration in charging device functioning. If charging is too long or constantly interrupting. The absence of any reaction of the device when it connects with the charger is also a sign.

A user should monitor device operation and change charging device if any of these signs are noticed.

How to clean macbook charger cable

It’s important to understand that you should clean device and all accessories regularly. If you treat them carefully – they will work longer.

So, the first thing that's needed to be cleaned is cable. You can clean cables using wet wipes. This method is the safest, but if cables are too dirty you need more effective tool for cleaning. Ethanol is one of such tools. Apply it on the cotton wool and wipe the cable. Detergent or soap is another variant. It's enough to prepare a strong watery mix and begin cleaning the wire with a damp cloth. Caution - do not allow water to get on the plug or charger unit. We also advise not to pull or twist the cable.

If you don’t know how to clean macbook magnetic charger – we’re here to help. First thing you need to do - disconnect charger from your device. Then remove all dirt inside using a cotton sponge or soft toothbrush. But be careful and don't damage the charger: if cotton fibers stuck in charger it can cause consequences.

And of course you should clean out macbook charger port. You can use the same cotton sponge or soft toothbrush. But if the dirt is too deep, you can carefully use a toothpick.

By doing this systematically proper care for your laptop is guaranteed.


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