How to fast-charge an iPhone

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How to fast-charge an iPhone


Banal situation: you need to leave the house after 20 minutes and you notice that the charge of your iPhone is almost zero. How in such conditions to charge the phone ASAP? There are several options:


  1. Use the original USB-C — Lightning cable with more powerful Apple adapters (for example, iPad, Macbook and Macbook Pro chargers) with 18W-87W power. You can also use LB LITTLE BIG 45W-61W adapters to increase the charging speed by 30%.

The more power the adapter has, the faster your phone will charge.


  1. Turn on airplane mode and do not use your phone while charging. In airplane mode, your iPhone consumes less energy, so the phone charges faster.


  1. Turn on the power-saving mode for longer phone work with a small percentage of the charge. The power saving mode will turn on when the charge percentage of your phone is less than 30%. The power saving mode is enabled in the Settings — Battery.


In this mode, the performance of the iPhone decreases, some processes are turned off, but because of this, energy consumption is reduced. Charging the phone in power saving mode is much faster.


How to avoid situations when the phone charge is almost zero?


  1. Buy a power bank or a case with a built-in spare battery.


You can find such devices in any store. Choose a spare battery or power bank with the highest possible capacity so that you can recharge your iPhone several times.

It is worth saying that cases with an additional battery are a more compact and mobile solution, but because of their small size, such a device can charge the phone 1 maximum 2 times without recharging the case.

Power banks are more overall, but allow you to charge the phone on average up to 3-5 times.


  1. Charge and use your phone simultaneously with wireless charging.


Purchase a wireless charger to comfortably use your phone while it is charging at home, at work or in the car. With such a charging station, you do not need to connect/disconnect the cord every time someone called you or needed to move away from the charging point.


Which of the best wireless chargers to choose, we found out in our review of best wireless chargers for iPhone.


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