How to fix an overheated macbook charger?

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About MacBook

The MacBook is an Apple produced laptop with a distinctive apple-shaped logo. Notebooks in this series have unique, minimalistic design, high price, great performance, pre-installed OS X operating system and its own development vector, aimed at both creativity in working process and games' enjoyment. Apple launched the first MacBook in 2008 and then the series of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were created. The MacBook was also one of the first models in which Apple introduced the MagSafe power connector.

Despite the fact that any Apple device is of high quality, sometimes it breaks. As far as MacBook charger is concerned, it can also break. There are some basic measures for prevention such situations. But unfortunately, one can’t avoid breakdowns at all.

Basic measures for preventing breaking of charger:

  • do not pull the wire when you want to disconnect charger and rosette;
  • do not wet any of MacBook parts;
  • do not throw charger on the floor etc.

One may argue and say that these rules are as a matter of course and there is no need to talk about them. But still some users neglect them which is the reason of disfunction of gadgets or breakdown.

What about overheating?

MacBook charger may become warm or hot during using it. But it’s important to understand, that if we feel high temperature of charger, that does not always mean that it overheats. The fact is that Mac-chargers correspond to international standards of temperature level of electronic devices, which means, that actually they are protected from overheating. But if you ask: “Can MacBook charger be overheated? ”, the answer is “Yes”.

Here are some pieces of advice how to prevent overheating:

  • use a special protection for voltage drops;
  • during charging of MacBook, put it in place, where air easily circulate, do not put it on a carpet, bed, sofa or any other furniture;
  • avoid long contact of MacBook with your body (also for the reason of air circulation);
  • always check the condition of charger during and after using (smell of burning, smoke, sparks of fire etc.).

Conscious user should be prepared to any situation concerned with laptop so one should be cautious and use it carefully. Overheating is not common situation for Mac-chargers, but still, pay attention to your device.

How to fix an overheated MacBook charger?

As we mentioned, overheating is not characteristic to Apple devices, but if your MacBook Pro or Air charger has overheated and stopped working, you need to know what to do.

First and most important thing – disconnect charger out of rosette. But you must do it extremely carefully! In cases of fire you should choke it first.

But if there is no fire, and your laptop doesn’t work and you believe that the reason is overheating, all you should do - bring it to the service. It is not recommended to do repair operations by yourself because it’s a comparatively complicated process and only professionals can fix it in the right way.

So be sure to mention the first signs of overheating of your device and be a conscious user!

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