How to fix MacBook Pro charger cable?

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 How to fix MacBook Pro charger cable?

 A broken MacBook Pro cable is the most common charger's problem. To repair a worn or broken cable at the base of the power supply unit and/or at the base of the connector, follow the following instructions.

 To repair your Mac's charging cable, you'll need these tools:




Side-cutting pliers

Soldering tool

Copper braiding

Heat-shrink tubing for wire thickness

Heat gun

Dremel tool

Splicing cutters


Fix tape


Step-by-step guide:


  1. To open the plastic power supply unit, use pliers. Remove the hooks and gently insert the tool into one of the recesses from the hook. Install the power supply unit on a flat surface and spread the pliers with light pressure, after a characteristic click, the unit will open. Read more about how to open the unit in this article.


  1. Remove the copper shells from the board. They are attached with scotch tape, which can be carefully removed. The second shell is soldered to one leg of the condenser, you can not completely solder it, but simply gently turn it to the side.


  1. If the wire is damaged at the base of the power supply, using the side-cutting pliers, bite off the wire above the damaged area and solder the rest of the cable from the board. For more convenient unsoldering, we recommend using a copper braiding. When the remnants of the old wires are removed, set them aside since the plastic sleeve for fixing the wires is still useful.


  1. If the wire is also damaged at the base of the connector, we use the heat-shrink tubing to repair the insulation. Cut the tube to the required length to cover the damaged wire. Stretch the heat-shrink tubing completely covering the injury site, and then heat the tube with a heat gun. For greater effect, you can double the insulation of the wire by covering the first tube with another heat shrinkable layer with a thicker tube.
  1. Return to the sealed part of the wire with a plastic sleeve at the base. Cut the excess cable ends on both sides with side-cutting pliers. In order to insert a new wire into this sleeve, it is necessary to drill a small (wire thick) hole in the sleeve with a dremel tool.


  1. Pull along the charger's wire into the drilled hole of the plastic sleeve. Prepare the wire for soldering — remove the insulation carefully in a small section. Remember not to confuse: the white braided wire is marked with “+”, wire without braid: «-».

Next, twist each of the stranded cables in a uniform cable in a circular motion and be sure to tin each cable.

  1. Thread and solder the wires to the charging board.

  1. Assemble the power supply unit by wrapping the board in a copper shell and securing it properly with scotch tape, then close both halves of the charger's case. The charger's case must be glued to ensure its integrity.


Ready! If you have questions about replacing the charger's cable for your MacBook Pro, please, write them in the comments or contact us.



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