How to open Macbook Pro charger

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How to open Macbook Pro charger

If you decide to replace the broken wire yourself or re­­pair the breakdown in MacBook Pro charger, you shall firstly open the power supply unit.  

Immediately, we’ll warn you that Apple doesn’t foresee the possibility of their analysis during production, so the opening of the power supply unit will not be possible without a trace. The degree of damage to the plastic of the charging case will depend on your accuracy when opening it.

To open the power supply from the tools you need the usual pliers.


Follow the instructions below:


1) Remove all removable parts of the power supply unit: power connector and folding hooks for winding the wire.

2) Squeeze the pliers and insert them into a place of the removed hook on either of the two sides.

3) Press the power supply unit firmly to a table or any other flat surface. Spread the pliers to open the two halves of the power supply unit. When you open it, you will hear a characteristic click. Be careful, as in the place of pressure the pliers can leave a mark on the plastic.


4) When the power supply is opened, carefully remove one side of the protective case. To get to the board, you must remove two copper shells: the first one is removed manually, and in order to remove the second one, it is necessary to unsolder 2 seals.


Now you can start charger repair.


We told you how to open your MacBook Pro charger at home. Whether your efforts are worth the result and how safe it is to repair this device yourself without proper qualification is up to you to decide.

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