How to protect mac charger?

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MacBook is probably the best computer that has ever been created. It is very fast, highly functional, stylish, light. However, the prices for device are quite high. And if we talk about its kit, such as charger, they are also expensive.

The problem is, that even if you are a very careful user, it’s almost impossible to avoid breakdowns. Moreover, because of the fact that many people use MacBook every day for work purposes, that means that its parts may break because of this.

But here we are willing to help you and answer the main question which appeared in your head: “How to protect your mac charger from disfunction? ”.

Protecting mac charger

Unfortunately, there is no magic protector for Mac-charger which have a permanent. But still, we can suggest some pieces of advice how users of MacBook can last their charger’s life:

  1. User should not pull the wire when he/she wants to pull charger out of rosette. This will protect mac charger cable and charger itself.
  2. User should not let the charger, wire or plug become wet.
  3. User should avoid severe temperature changes.
  4. User should not drop or beat charger.
  5. User should not throw charger on floor when he/she doesn’t need it anymore for charging.
  6. User should not entangle or tie wire into a knot.
  7. User should not use charger without surge protection (recommended).
  8. If a user needs to pull charger out of rosette, this must be done carefully. Otherwise, the charger can be damaged.

These rules are simple and generally acknowledged but they are commonly neglected. So being a conscious user and following them, one may protect Mac-charger from damages.

What actions are necessary for preventing MagSafe from breaking

For this, there are also some rules that are collected for you to protect fragile wiring from tears, creases or twisting. A conscious MacBook user has to follow them if he/she doesn't want to buy a new charger:

  1. The plug should be pulled out only by its magnet part, closer to contacts. User should not pull the wire.
  2. When user wants to pull out MagSafe, it is not recommended to make sudden movements. No twitching. Loosening is also not recommended as it can damage the socket. Remember, that MagSafe is magnet, so you should just carefully pull it out.
  3. If there is a need to pull laptop toward person, user should not drag it by the wire. The reason is the same – he/she can damage plug or wire.
  4. If user doesn’t need a charger now, or decides to take it somewhere, it should be rolled up carefully and fasten with special screed. In this case, the plug must be fixed to the main coil for the plastic part. In this case plug won’t hang out during transportation.

If you properly use the Mac-charger and take care of it - then there would be no need to buy a new one. However, some problems can still occur. As soon as problems arise - it is better not to wait. One should order a new charger. This would save your nerves and time and prevent the laptop from damage.

MagSafe is the most important part of proper functioning of Mac-charger that is why it is highly important to be careful and cautious user.

Simple rules

So if you follow the above mentioned rules, problems and damages pf your Mac charger will be prevented. One should be always careful with your devices and if you notice something suspicious – bring it to official service for repairing.

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