How to wrap MacBook Pro charger?

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How to wrap MacBook Pro charger?

The most frequent failure of a MacBook charger is cable damage at the base of the power supply unit or at the base of the connector.

To make your charger last longer and keep the wire intact, we recommend you wrap the wire correctly. 

The main condition for the charger wrap is the same for all devices: the wire should not be bent much; it should be fixed in its natural state (that is, in level position, without bends) at the base of the plug and power supply unit.



To wrap the Magsafe/Mafsafe2 charger's wire, first, open the hooks on the power supply unit. Then, without tension, wrap the wire once around the power supply unit (vertical winding), and then swipe into one of the hooks and wrap it several times with the horizontal winding directly on the hooks. Secure the end of the wire with a special wire holder at the base of the connector.



Since the charger's wire with USB-C is removable, it is not difficult to wind up it correctly. Simply disconnect the wire from the power supply unit, and wrap it into several rings for convenient transportation. At the same time, it is also worth avoiding breaking and direct bending the wire, which leads to its further deformation.

If you have any questions about the care and handling of MacBook Pro charger, you can contact our consultants for reliable information.


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