Is it Safe to Buy Replacement MacBook Pro Charger

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Is it Safe to Buy Replacement MacBook Pro Charger?


When the original charger breaks, we face a choice: buy the original Apple charger or save and purchase a MacBook Pro charger from another manufacturer? How safe are chargers from other brands?

This article will help you make the right choice.


What is the difference between Chinese MacBook charger and the original?


Chinese manufacturers focus on the external similarity of chargers and it must be said, they succeed in this matter. It is possible that the owners of Mac without experience or interest in the technology of Apple may not guess that they are buying a Chinese copy, and not the original Apple charger. Almost all fake MacBook chargers are visually identical to the original in all respects: shape, block size, glossy plastic case.


Magnetic plug Magsafe also usually works. But the distinctive feature of the copy can be the absence of the Apple logo on the charger (although not always).

Another external difference between the copy and the original is that Chinese manufacturers put whole paragraphs of text on the bottom of the charger.

In the original charger, there are no Warning labels and digital lists.

Next to the plug should be text. It has the number of watts, the official name of the charger model (MagSafe Power Adapter), the phrases Designed by Apple in California and Assembled in China. And here is a warning — just not Warning, as the Chinese write, but Caution. The content of the text depends on the region of the charger model.


What is dangerous about Chinese chargers?

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We decided not to go into the details of the technical characteristics of the insides of the Chinese and original chargers, instead, we simply provide a photo that clearly demonstrates the difference.

The small case of the Apple power supply unit is very tightly packed with chips. All parts are covered with metal plates of radiators that dissipate heat, not allowing the unit to overheat.

What do we see in the Chinese version? At best, half the details are simply missing. It seems that the circuits are separated, and the main elements are present. But the huge disadvantage is that there is no power factor correction unit (PFC), instead of a processor there is a small and limited chip, and the circuits themselves are planted very close to each other.

Why is this “simplified” version of the MacBook charger dangerous?


  1. Reduction of laptop battery time.


The Chinese charger technically is not able to properly regulate the voltage from the network. Power surges are very strong, the discrepancy with the norm is about 10-15% — all this voltage is delivered directly to the laptop, as a result of which the laptop is charged at varying voltage.


Result: Reduction of battery life by 2-3 times, in some cases — swelling of the battery with the risk of explosion.


  1. Fire risk.


There is a difference in the MagSafe connectors too. Almost all Chinese manufacturers do not install a power supply microcontroller on the plug, which allows you to hit the laptop with full voltage.


Such a connection ends with a blown plug and always negatively affects the condition of the battery.


  1. Fake charger life is short.


The quality of the materials of such a charger is very low, so a fake power adapter is unlikely to last more than a few months.


Do not save when it comes to security. Save the computer battery, the replacement of which is much more expensive. We recommend purchasing an original Apple charger or device that have an identical security system with the original adapters. Like these chargers are all LB Little Big adapters.

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