New MacBook Pro charger USB-C

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New MacBook Pro charger USB-C

What is the difference between a new MacBook Pro charger and previous chargers? Let's take a closer look.

In October 2016, Apple presented an updated MacBook Pro model. One of the fundamentally new aspects of the device was the replacement of conventional USB ports with four Thunderbolt ports for USB ports of type C.

Now 61 W chargers for Pro 13″ and 87 W chargers for Pro 15″ are different from the chargers of previous models: they have a removable USB-C cable instead of the MagSafe and MagSafe 2 connectors. By the way, you can forget about the convenient features of the proprietary magnetic plug. But according to the developers, the new charger has more advantages without the “magnetic” function.


Removable wire

 The first feature of the new charger is a removable wire. Previously, to transport the device, the MacBook wire had to be wound on retractable hooks, which made it faster to wear and break at the base. Now it is more convenient to carry the wire by disconnecting it from the power supply unit. In addition, in case of wire breakage, there is no need to buy a full charger, as it was before. A MagSafe or Magsafe 2 power adapter cannot be repaired by itself.

Another advantage of the new wires is the fact that the wire of new USB-C devices is stronger and thicker than the wire in the chargers of previous models.

In addition, the standardized format of USB-C ports opens up wide possibilities for working with any other USB, HDMI, VGA standard ports etc. However, for this, you need to additionally purchase special adapters that can be found in the Apple Store.


One charger for all devices

If you purchased an adapter with one or several USB ports on the output, then you will have another convenient advantage: By connecting the adapter to your MacBook Pro power adapter, you get a universal USB charger. This means that you can charge your iPhone, IPad and any other devices with a single Pro power supply unit. This feature is extremely convenient, for example, when traveling, when instead of 3-4 power supply units you take one unit with you — from a MacBook Pro with a USB-C/USB adapter.

There are alternative options for charging devices for MacBook Pro. For example, the branded charger from the manufacturer LB Little Big for models Pro 13″ 2016–2018 with a USB-C magnetic connector.

The main advantages of this option are absolute security due to Apple’s identical power options (protection against short circuit, overvoltage), as well as the presence of additional USB and USB-C connectors, which allows you to charge several devices at once. There is no need to purchase an additional adapter!


Learn more about LB Little Big charger on the manufacturer's website.

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