What kind of charger does a Macbook Pro use?

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Main information about MacBook Pro

First MacBook Pro was represented at MacWorld conference in 2006 by Steve Jobs. The aim of its producing was to create really qualitative device with powerful processor that was able to handle complicated tasks. There are many differences between modern version of this computer as compared to the first one: it has become thinner, lighter, more powerful. Nowadays Mac Pro is the choice for those who need good computer to work with it in photo, video or programming sphere. So actually the main aim is achieved.

MacBook Pro is produced in several size display decisions: 12-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch. So you are able to choose the most comfortable modification for yourself. Also one of the main updates is its high-powered charge: up to 9-10 hours of battery life. If you watch a movie in iTunes, then there will be even more time left. The battery is produced for a maximum of 1000 charge/discharge cycles.

Modern Mac Pro is light, thin, compact, with high productive capacity. It has much more advantages than disadvantages.

Types of chargers for MacBook Pro

Charger for a Macbook is an essential tool that keeps your laptop powered. And to answer a question: “what kind of charger does macbook pro use? ” we need to understand main characteristics of device.

To make a wise choice of Mac chargers, you should select products according to the following criteria:


  • form (basically all technological products manufactured by Apple are designed in a light corporate style, therefore they differ primarily in form);
  • the size of the charging gadget;
  • power;
  • certificates which confirm quality of the product and its compliance with technical standards;
  • the need to use additional elements (when compiling a charger from individual components, for example, a cord and a power supply, an adapter and its extension cord, you should remember about the compatibility condition).

Also, chargers vary in accordance with their power. Apple manufactures advice to buy chargers with the same power capacity as in a standard charger. But you can choose other variants. You can buy more powered or less powered charger. In first case time for charging will be reduced, but also there is a risk of spoilage of the device, because it can overheat, for example. In the second case you will protect device from damage, but you will need more time for charging. For getting optimal charger – follow manufacturer's instructions: 29 W - for 12-inch MacBook; 61 W - for 13-inch MacBook Pro; 87 W - for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

There are differences in connectors for chargers. They depend on the year of issue. If your Mac was produced in 2015 or earlier – there should be MagSafe, MagSafe2, USB Type-C chargers. If it was produced after 2015 – connectors should be USB Type-C. Identification of charger connectors is very important in process of purchasing of chargers.

What kind of macbook charger do i have?

If you don’t know answer for this question – don’t worry, it’s quite easy.

To identify what kind of charger does your device have, you should go on official website support.apple.com and find there an article about identification of the required power adapter and cable for your Mac laptop. There are many photos of chargers so you can compare your charger and one that is on web-page and determine its type. All possible chargers are described above so you should have general idea about them.

And what else you can do is contacting our managers. They also can help you in this process and answer all questions that you have.


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