Where to buy MacBook Pro charger

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Where to buy MacBook Pro charger

 When a MacBook Pro original charger fails, the question is the following: “Where is the best place to buy a charger for a Mac?”

We have prepared for you the 3 most popular ways out of this situation.


  1. Purchase the charger in the official Apple store.

 The easiest option at first glance is to purchase a charger from the manufacturer, in the official Apple store.

 The advantages of this solution are obvious: Purchasing a charger from the manufacturer is a safe and reliable solution. In addition, Mac chargers are covered by Apple’s one-year official warranty.

 The huge disadvantage of purchasing a charger at the Apple Store is the high price of the device. For example, the 60W MagSafe 2 will cost you $ 80, and the 87W USB-C Power Adapter + Charge Cable cost $100.

  1. Purchasing a charger on Amazon.

 Pricing for the MacBook Pro on Amazon starts at $12. And we would not call it a plus.

 Chinese counterfeits, in addition to significantly shortening the battery life of a computer, are known to have even more serious defects — up to the explosion and combustion of the device. Too high price for the desire to save, isn't it?

 On Amazon, you can also find more expensive offers from various manufacturers, but the risk of getting on a low-quality product does not diminish from this.


  1. Purchasing a charger in the official store LB LITTLE BIG.

 Chargers from LB LITTLE BIG are made in strict accordance with the parameters of the original chargers for MacBook Pro. They have a short circuit and over voltage protection, which makes these devices the best for safe charging for your Mac.

 Another convenient bonus is that LB LITTLE BIG chargers have a built-in Quick Charge 3.0 and USB C port, which allows you to charge several devices at the same time. These can be Apple phones and tablets, and any other USB port devices — Samsung, LG, Google Phone, etc.

 The price of LB LITTLE BIG, depending on the model, is $39–$45. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty. This is the best alternative solution in terms of price and quality in the market of chargers.

 You can buy LB LITTLE BIG charger for MacBook Pro on the official website of the manufacturer.

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