Where to buy replacement Macbook Pro charger?

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MacBook Pro and its characteristic

MacBook Pro was invented and performed by Steve Jobs in 2006. This notebook worked on Intel processor and was represented as the most powerful laptop for those who need this device in their work. It could perform different tasks that were impossible for other models of notebooks. Time passed and Mac Pro outlived a great amount of modifications. Finally, it became thinner, lighter, more powerful, more beautiful. Final version of Mac Pro has many advantages:


  • laconic design;
  • ease of use;
  • mobility;
  • great display, touchpad, touch bar;
  • touch id;
  • quick-acting etc.


Also, it has its disadvantages:


  • difficulty of repairability;
  • necessity to buy additional adapters, docking stations;
  • high price.


To summarize, MacBook Pro is a great choice for those who need portability and productivity combined in one device. Two cores of Mac Pro do everything and more to satisfy your needs for relatively low price, while new models are too expensive and their abilities are quite similar to MacPro.

MacBook Pro chargers

It has standard set with original charger included, of course. But if there is a need to buy a new one, you should understand what charger is appropriate.

Apple insists that to charge the new MacBook, you should use power adapters that match the power that they put in the set themselves.

Recommended Power:


  • 29 W - for 12-inch MacBook;
  • 61 W - for 13-inch MacBook Pro;
  • 87 W - for 15-inch MacBook Pro.


However, Apple support emphasizes that you can use smaller or larger power sources to charge new laptops. Charging with fewer watts of power won't be enough for the normal long functioning of MacBook. When charging with a large amount of watts, there will be no harm to the device up to 100 watts. Further - only at your own peril and risk.

Also, you should know exact model of your laptop because chargers vary in accordance with year of issue. For example, if you have MacBook Pro which was released after 2015, it should have USB Type-C connector. But if your model was released in 2015 or before, types of connectors can be MagSafe, MagSafe2 and USB Type-C. That is why you should know exact model of your Mac Pro and year of issue.

Where to buy replacement for MacBook Pro charger?

Original charges are extremely recommended by Apple, but users usually realize that it is possible find and buy cheaper chargers, quality of which won’t be lower. If you ask yourself: “where can i buy replacement for macbook charger? ”, here we are to help. In our store LittleBig you can find replacement for chargers for MacBook Pro and have no doubt about their quality, because we guarantee its quality. We will provide you with one year warranty and full consultation before purchasing. Also, we will help you to choose suitable charger for your version of MacBook Pro and answer all of your questions.


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