Which MacBook charger do I need

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Which MacBook charger do I need?

Your original Macbook charger eventually wears out and breaks. In this case, you need a new MacBook charger, which is called a Magsafe or USB-C.


What are the parameters to choose a charger?


The key issue in choosing a Mac charger is compatibility. The compatibility of the charger is determined by two parameters: power and connector type.


Depending on the model of the MacBook, the charging power is also different — you need to choose a charging capacity from 29 to 87 watts. You can choose a more powerful charger, but your computer will not charge faster. Charging a laptop with lower power is strongly discouraged. Charging time with a lower power charger increases; this charging process often causes malfunctions and serious Mac breakdowns.


With connector types, everything is simple — it’s best to purchase a compatible connector type (MagSafe 1, MagSafe 2 or USB-C). Special adapters are also allowed. It is worth saying that the models of the second generation of MagSafe connectors have a thinner connector and save more space on the desktop, they are quite convenient to use on the road. In addition, the likelihood of tearing the cable with such a connector is minimal, since it is held by magnets. Magnetic connector reduces wire wear rate and increases overall charging life.


To ensure perfect compatibility, better speed of the charging process, as well as eliminate the risk of reducing the capacity of a laptop battery, follow these rules:


For MacBook Air, use Magsafe charging with a 2-watt plug and 45 W;

  • Adapter for MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina screen — MagSafe 2 85 W.
  • The charger for 13-inch MacBook Pro is the same connector as the 15-inch laptop, but the power is 60 watts.
  • USB-C charging is used with relatively new MacBooks released since 2015. So, 61 W models are used with the Pro-series 13 inches and 87-watt — with 15-inch laptops.
  • 29-watt adapters are suitable for MacBook owners.

If you find it difficult to figure out the choice of compatible charging for your Macbook, try to find the appropriate option using the instructions on the official Apple website.


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