Which Macbook Pro charger to buy?

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Every so often, your charger can get broken, fried or cease working; Apple charger costs sit at $80 which is by no means “small money” but then you discover a knockoff charger at Amazon for much less. The question is, 'Which MacBook Pro Charger to buy?' what is the risk of buying this replacement charger? You say to yourself.

If you check Apple site, it will tell you that a replacement adapter cannot be the same colour, size, shape, or wattage as the OEM Apple adapter. But it should power and charge your MacBook Pro the same as the adapter that came with your laptop.

This means to charge the battery you need any charger for Li-ion accumulator.

However! Things are not that straightforward, the difference between Original chargers in comparison to other MacBook Pro chargers is enormous.  And this difference is hidden under the shell.

Here are some of the Parts and components available under High-quality chargers:

- stability controllers

- overcharge controllers

- constant voltage output controllers

- shortcut protection controllers

all the above-stated elements have an impact on your battery/device in the short or long-term perspective.

Apple MacBook Pro  Chargers vs Replacement MacBook Pro Chargers

A very detailed look into the charger market for all Apple devices provides three broad classes of charger technology; they are made up of:

  1. Original MacBook Pro chargers: These chargers refer to those made by Apple, the manufacturers of the devices. Apple chargers are most efficient, their only con being the pricey nature of their chargers owing largely to marketing gimmicks associated with the brand.
  2. High-quality trusted replacement MacBook Pro chargers: These chargers take up a sizable portion of the market, keeping efficiency and safety as priorities while managing to produce affordable chargers. These chargers usually make the best of both worlds.
  3. Other cheap chargers and fakes: Well there isn’t much more to say here, they look like a part, act like a part but are chargers made to be cheap. And cheap they are.

On the surface, it may appear as though all chargers are the same but a closer look inside these chargers reveal that the tech inside the high-quality charger is worth the extra pay.

Here are a couple of findings based on research carried out by us at revealing the following;

-    On opening a MacBook Pro charger to make comparisons, it was observed that Apple packs a lot of technology into its chargers, albeit not commensurate with the costs of these chargers. The high-quality chargers, on the other hand, make for exceptional chargers and are as affordable as the quality they bring forth. The knockoff chargers, ensure the basics and the basics alone.

-     Apple chargers and high-quality replacement MacBook Pro chargers place a lot of emphasis on the safety of their gadgets, but the knockoffs would mostly make inefficient quality charges which in turn exposes users to the dangers associated with the faulty electrical devices.

-    A MacBook Pro charger And High-quality replacement MacBook chargers are equipped with triple-insulated wires, a well-defined magnetic field and grounding which enables safe transmission of power. A small processor regulates power within these chargers and shuts off the charger automatically once there is any fluctuation in voltage.

-    The Cheap and fake chargers were modified without the ability to skip filtering, ground connection, and the more complex circuitry applied into the running operation of Apple chargers and High-quality chargers which regulates power flow into the laptop.

-    Apple’s cables, on the other hand, tend fray and it is common knowledge that Apple’s products are somewhat overpriced. However, this issue is handled adequately by the High-quality chargers.

-    One of the main problems associated with cheap and fake chargers lies within the matter of providing incorrect voltage, which means you could buy a 60W charger on paper but get 40-50W in practice. Challenges of this sort effectively affect your battery over time. Issues of these sorts are unheard of with originals and hi-quality replacements chargers where the manufacturer specifies all power specifications.

MacBook Pro Charger Cost

To replace a lost, broken or get an extra charger for your MacBook. From Apple, the chargers are just under $80 for a new one. And if you would rather save a few bucks while keeping quality at a premium, then buy a High-quality replacement charger.

Other Options to Consider

  •    Buy a Fairly Used Charger

It is much much safer to buy a used charger from anyone who doesn’t need the charger anymore or has an extra MacBook charger.  This is a perfect alternative to buying a new one. It’s cheaper and safer, if and only if you can guarantee that it hasn’t been tampered with.

  •    You can Try an Aftermarket Charger

Is there an equally efficient replacement charger that can cost less than original?

The answer is YES. We were able to find high-quality chargers 40% less than original apple prices for a good replacement charger. And here’s why.

There is a new upcoming trend where some 3rd party manufacturers who are already trusted manufacturers of the replacement chargers seem to be cutting a huge market share — some of them already well known in Europe and has lots of loyal customers.

What the advantages of buying a high-quality replacement charger?

  1. Different design!

3rd party manufacturers are open to new ideas in improving the products and can propose other design solutions.

  1. Updated technologies!

As we know, original chargers tend to change their chargers only when launching a new model of the said device. This means that you are stuck using the same technology for 4-5 years. The 3rd party manufacturers can provide an updated technology in the replacement charger in a short time perspective which means that the customer will always be in tune with the most recent technologies.

  1. Additional functionality!

3rd party manufacturers are constantly changing the rules of the game by adding extended functionality to the chargers. These days you might get a replacement for your original MacBook charger and all your gadgets in one swoop!

  1. Price!

You can buy a high-quality replacement Macbook Pro charger with extended functionality for less than 40% of the original charger price.


If you need to buy a charger or a second charger for the home/office, it could be an excellent idea to try a high-quality replacement charger.  In my case, I was not disappointed at the very least.

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