Why does my macbook air charger not work?

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What is MacBook Air about?

MacBook Air – is a great laptop, really. It's beautiful, light, high-functional, but of course, expensive.

Macbook Air is equipped with a 13-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, an Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and a battery that provides 7 hours of continuous Wi-Fi surfing. There isn't optical drive and hard drive in laptop. The role of latter is played by SSD, which is placed directly on the motherboard to save space. The laptop can not be turned off. At the same time, standby time is 30 days. That means that the user, for example, will be able to put the laptop into standby mode and “revive” it after 10, 20 days and immediately continue to work, all without connecting to an electric network.

But before buying a new laptop, it’s better to do some research to compare other notebooks with MacBook Air. It's needed to be done if you are not sure in fact, that Air is the best variant for you and you still worry about too high price. But after this research you will understand, that Air combines so many advantages inside, so it's impossible to find a cheap analogue. That’s why to buy this great laptop will be a decision you will never regret about.

What to do if you can’t charge MacBook Air?

Despite the fact that this laptop is a really qualitative and powerful device, it still can break sometimes. So what are reasons if you can’t charge MacBook Air?

Reasons why your MacBook does not charge:


  • malfunction of charger (MacBook power supply);
  • malfunction of battery (accumulator, battery);
  • malfunction of board with MagSafe connector (or connector itself);
  • malfunction of multicontroller motherboard.



Usually, start of diagnosis of a particular problem and all its possible causes are divided into software and hardware failures, but battery charge process, as well as power distribution of components of your MacBook, are directly controlled by elements of motherboard (although some of algorithms can also be adjusted from the operating system, for example, time to go to sleep or turn off the display), their operation directly does not depend on OS itself (you can’t prevent the system from supplying power to the battery or motherboard if charge is connected core device).

So generally, if there are some problems with charging the first thing which is needed to be done – bring laptop to AppStore. But we want to tell you more about situation, when the problem of charging is connected with charger itself.

Why is my macbook air charger not working properly?

So how to be sure that macbook air laptop power charger is not working? We will try to help you.

You can verify that your Mac is working by connecting another charging cable. If charging has begun, then there is most likely a problem with charger.

If there's no other charger, then you can swing the cable or extension cord of the adapter slightly while connected. If charging starts at certain points during swaying, then you should disconnect it and do not do this anymore - most likely there is damage of the cable or extension cord, and everything is fine with the device. In this case, it is possible to repair MagSafe and that means that macbook air charger cable not working.

Carefully inspect the MagSafe connector (the connector where you connect the charger adapter) and the adapter itself, one of the contacts on the adapter itself may be missing, and contacts which are on the connector may be clogged with dirt. You can try and clean dirty contacts with a brush. Do not use fluid cleaning products; brushes will be sufficient. If the problem is in contact, this should solve the problem.

If the charred contacts of the adapter and the MacBook power connector are visible, and cleaning did not help, most likely macbook air charger magnet is not working.

You turned on MacBook, connected power adapter, and charging indicator lights up in green (which means that the power is on), if the built-in battery is not fully charged, point to the battery icon in the upper right corner, maybe you will see a “service required” warning in this In case of need of replacing the battery, if there isn't such warning, and the context menu contains information "power source: AC adapter", go to the first item.

The funny thing is that one of reasons why your charger don’t work also can be a temperature. Apple macbook air charger not working when it’s cold, too low temperature. So if you warm it, charging will start.



Be careful with your laptops!

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