Why is my macbook pro charger not working?

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A little overview of MacBook Pro 2006-2019

Mac Pro computers have always been at the pinnacle of Apple product line, and they are created for professionals.

The original MacBook Pro, launched in January 2006, was Apple's first Intel-based laptop. The Mac Pro 15.4 included many innovations first implemented on the PowerBook G4 - an integrated iSight camera, a MagSafe connector for charging, and a slim case made of lightweight aluminum alloy.

Introduced in October 2006, updated MacBook Pro, was equipped with a new Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 64 bit architecture and minor configuration changes.

A key feature of the mid-2007 MacBook Pro was the switch to graphics from Nvidia. The February 2008 MacBook Pro lineup update was the latest generation of MacBook Pro in a classic composite case. At the end of 2016, MacBook Pro line has undergone a significant change: computer received an updated design and a wider trackpad, and the High-End configuration got a touch panel instead of a functional row of keys. An important innovation was the Touch ID sensor.

And of course, the latest model of 2019 MacBook Pro is an absolutely fascinating. It’s powerful, much faster as compared to the later versions, modern and laconic. The “heart” of computer is Intel Xeon processors, which have up to 28 cores with a power of up to 300 watts. The basic version is equipped with an 8-core Intel Xeon processor with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz (acceleration up to 4 GHz). Particular attention in the development was given to a cooling system and acoustic characteristics.

Why is my charger for macbook pro not working?

Reliability of MacBook is generally acknowledged, and among its other advantages, users especially value autonomy, because one can be sure that during announced 6 or even 9 hours it nay be used at a seminar, on an airplane or just in a cafe during a meeting with friends without any problems.

But even such a work of technical art can sometimes fail. An unpleasant but fairly common problem is that charger for macbook pro is unable to work. What could be the reason?

Before doing any diagnostics, one should understand that charging is a process which is controlled by operating system. So if your new laptop macbook pro charger is not working, problem may be connected with an algorithm in motherlode.

For example, if problem is about NVRAM, one can try to reset it. The operating system often accesses contents of NVRAM, so we recommend you to reset memory for any upgrade or repair of the MacBook. This is a very simple operation, which usually takes a few seconds. To reset contents of the NVRAM memory when you turn it on (immediately after pressing the MacBook power key), you must hold down the Alt + Command + R + P keys until the welcome tone reappears. Such an operation does not affect your data anyway, clearing only the contents of the system memory.

Also, problem may be concerned with SMC (System Management Controller). If your Mac has a removable battery, you should simply remove it and hold power button for 5 seconds. After that, you need to reinstall battery and connect MagSafe adapter.

Maybe macbook pro charger port is not working?

If you followed those pieces of advice but your macbook pro mag (magsafe) charger is still not working, the problem may be connected with charger itself or MagSafe.

As any electronic device, charger for MacBook can disfunction sometimes. So if you connect your MacBook Pro to charger and it is not working, there is no dim green light, you should check MagSafe connector. In process of using MacBook, contact surface on MagSafe connector is covering with plaque, oxidative products, the contacts themselves “wipe” or “burn” (sometimes a spark occurs). So if you clean it, problem may be solved.

How to fix macbook pro charger if it is still not working?

In case you have done everything you could but macbook pro magnetic charger is still not working, the best decision is to bring it to AppleStore. There are hundreds of reasons for this problem happening and it will be much better to let the professionals help you to handle it. But you have to understand that there are some cases when a user should buy a new charger, if an old one is impossible to fix. But anyway, try to follow our pieces of advice and use your laptop and charging device carefully!

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