Will MacBook Pro charger work with MacBook Air?

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Will Macbook Pro charger work with MacBook Air?

 In cases where MacBook Air charger becomes unusable, but you have a MacBook Pro charger, the question is the following: Is Pro charger compatible with Air?

 Let's take a closer look. Since Pro models chargers are always more powerful (60-87 W) than Air chargers (29-45 W), you can use more powerful Pro charger for the Air model. However, this will not affect the performance of the device or the charging time — your computer will not charge faster with charging Pro.

 *Note: a charger with lower power, for example, the 45W Air charger from cannot be used for more powerful models (Pro).

 In addition, the Pro model charger must also be compatible with Air as a power connector (USB-C, MagSafe, MagSafe 2).

 You can use Pro charger for Air with the same type of connector. You can also use the Pro charger with the MagSafe connector for Air with the MagSafe2 input if you additionally purchase a special adapter. But not vice versa: MagSafe2 charger is thinner and wider and therefore not mechanically suitable for a computer with a MagSafe input.

 We hope we have clarified the issue of compatibility of chargers for Air and Pro models. If you have any questions, ask them to our consultant.

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