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Cell phone Cables

Cell phone usb cable is for everybody

Today when generally each person has a cell phone with usb port and usb charger included, it's necessary to have USB cable. The minimum set is standardly provided by manufacturer of device where USB-cable is also included. Cell phone power cords which are parts of this set usually absolutely suitable for charging characteristics. That means they charge your device with such power and speed, which are recommended by the manufacturer. But time passes, and now you need to charge phone not only at home, but in a car, university etc. And at this moment you understand that it’s not enough to have just one USB-cable and you decide to buy additional cell phone wire. But what should it be like?

Cell phone charging cable types

The first thing you need to do - understand what type of connectors does your device have and what's the model. For now there are four main types of usb connectors in cell phone charging cables:

  • USB cable for iPhone. Apple has original types of connectors that are unique for smartphones of this manufacturer.
  • USB micro USB cable. This is the most common type of USB cable used on 95% of all Android and Windows mobile phones and smartphones.
  • Type-C cord cell phone. The newest of listed modifications of USB port, which will have new features and in the near future will supersede all others. It is already used on the new iPhone, Meizu, Xiaomi, etc.
  • USB cable Mini USB. A fairly old modification, which is used on older phones and other equipment. Such cable most likely will disappear from our everyday life in the near future.

Also there are several cables for particular models of Samsung devices, but the most common types are mentioned above.

Except different types of connectors, cell phone charging cords vary in amount of power they can provide. More power ability they have – less time you need for charging of your device. But don’t hurry in order to make a right choice. The problem is, each device, tablet, phone, has its own personal limit which is set by the battery controller. You are recommended not to exceed this indicator. Otherwise, you may be under the necessity of buying new battery, because your previous may be overheated and spoiled.

How to choose?

The easiest way to choose cable for your device is to buy the same as it had in standard set. But you should understand that such cables are very expensive. So if you need a qualitative usb cable for your device for pleasant price – search for it on the website of our store Here you can find usb cables for vast diversity of devices and make no doubt about their quality. If you need a consultation – do not hesitate to ask our managers. They will help you to do the right choice.

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