Сell phone car chargers

Charger for those who don’t have time

The rhythm of today’s life is incredibly fast. In out worries and hurries we can’t stop even for a second, it's all about speed. So everything surrounding us has to be mobile and developed enough not to interfere our plans and rhythm. People create technical helpers in order to be always in touch and be mobile. Cell phone car charger is vital thing for these purposes. It was invented not so long ago but has already become highly demanded product. Mobile phone car charger port allows us not to waste time on searching place with standard rosette where we can charge our device, but do it right on the way. It’s very useful accessory that has become indispensable for drivers. The principle of operation is based on the conversion of automotive twelve volts into currents favorable for mobile phones. But you can use it not only for phone. Due to usb car adapter you can charge all devices that have usb spots.

Choosing of an appropriate car battery charger


You should not neglect the ability to charge the gadget from the car cigarette lighter when you are going to travel far. But which USB charger is best for your automobile and what should you know about it before buying?

First of all, it must charge smartphone without stopping charging process. And it shouldn't depend on road conditions: charger has to be fixed tightly in lighter cigarette even if the road is bumby. If you have several gadgets (for example, iPhone and Android smartphone or a smartphone and tablet), charger should charge several devices at the same time, and preferably quickly.

When you choose a charger in the car, focus on location of the cigarette lighter in your car. If the cigarette lighter is located far from dashboard (or access is limited), choose a charger in the car that will be enough stuck out the cigarette lighter. It will be easier to connect the cable in this case.

There are car charger models which are equipped with LED-display, through which you can see voltage and current level both at the input and at the output. And one of the latest issues of these charges is wireless car charge. It allows you to charge device without using cable. You should just put your phone on it and the charging process starts. In most of these chargers Qi standard is supported, which means they can charge both iPhone and Android smartphone without any problems.

We can distinguish main advantages of usb car charger:

  • compactness;
  • mobility;
  • time saving;
  • ability of charging several devices at the same time.

But unfortunately really qualitative chargers are quite expensive. Nevertheless we recommend not to spare money on this because only high-quality products can provide you with the highest satisfaction of your needs.

Where to find the best car chargers?

We have a really qualitative car chargers in our store LittleBig. You can find a catalog with car chargers on our website littlebig.com. We offer the best ratio of prices and high service. If you need a help or have any questions – contact to our managers and they will answer you shortly. The main thing in charger is reliability and ability to effectively fulfill its main purpose - to stay in touch wherever you go.


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