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Cell phone charging stations

The era of multiple charging station for cell phones

If you remember, when mobile phones just began to appear, each manufacturer equipped the device with a unique charger and a connector for it. This trend incredibly complicated life for users, as they had to carry several charges for different gadgets at once. Now almost all smartphone manufacturers have equipped their tablets and smartphones with USB chargers.

Nowadays people have a lot of different devices: smartphones, smartwatches, tablets etc. All of them can’t work without charging for a long time, of course. But when you have too much technique and too little time, there should be an appropriate way of handling this obstacle. And here it is! Not long ago special multiple cell phone charging station was invented. It is very comfortable to use because user has an opportunity to charge not only one phone, but three, four and even six! And this is possible due to cell phone charging dock that has up to six connectors which are suitable for your devices. It allows you to save money, time, space and nerves, for sure. It’s enough to buy just one mobile cell phone charging station and it can be used by all of your smartphones. This product saves your time, because its slots can have different power. More power they have – less time is needed for full charging of your devices. Cell phone power station saves space for a reason you can charge all your devices just in one spot. You just need personal power cables for each of them and that’s all.

Types of charging stations

Smartphone charging station can be performed in different variations, but with similar functions, the main of which – quick and safe charging. The first type is USB-hub. In simple words it is a compact USB splitter for several ports, which will make charging of multiple devices at the same time easier for user. You can find small “boxes” (classic hubs) which can be connected to USB port. But they should have a power supply. In this case, turns out, you need a rosette to use them. The next type is less universal, it is stationary device called a docking station. Cell phone charging base (docking station) connects to a rosette and allows to charge several gadgets at the same time. Such a USB splitter is perfect for use at the desktop, it will be a great gift to a “gadget man” who always needs to be in touch. You can find this dock performed as cell phone caddy charging station. It looks like a box where you should put your devices. Such cell phone recharge station is comfortable for use because it provides more safety for your devices. They are partly protected inside this dock from external damages.

Choose and buy

The convenience of using cell phone battery charging station is in its versatility. They are compatible with any cellphone. You can find multi usb chargers and charging stations on our website Democratic prices and high quality of our products will pleasantly surprise you. If you need consultation – do not hesitate to ask our managers. They will help you to choose the best option.


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