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Macbook Air Charger - 45watt replacement charger for Macbook Air 2012 - 2017 years

80 reviews
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  • ✅ NO MORE OVERHEATING! Our charger compatible with MacBook Air laptop runs safe and cold during the entire charging cycle. Our engineers took care and made the coldest charger for MacBook Air magsafe 2 ever!
  • ✅NO MORE LEAVING CONNECTOR! Forget about this - our newest T-tip connector design shape is brilliant - we took all our competitors faults and made it perfect!
  • ✅PAY LESS GET MORE! Advance functional, carry only our charger adapter competible with MacBook Air and keep all your iPhone, Ipad, Note8, S8, LG, Google Phone and other USB devices fully charged at once.
  • ✅COMPATIBLE MODELS! MacBook Air (11-13inch, Mid 2012), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Mid 2013), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Early 2014), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Early 2015),MacBook Air (13inch, 2017)
  • ✅100% SATISFACTION! White, soft on touch, cute, high-tech, excellent build, reliable charger for MacBook Air. 1 YEAR WARRANTY, 24\7 FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.0 x 2.0 inches

Publisher: Little Big


First ever charger for Macbook Air with build in Quick Charge 3.0 port and USB C(not PD)

Now all your pocket gadgets will be fully charged without carrying any additional chargers. The safest replacement charger adapter for MacBook Air on the market. Your battery will be safe from damage due to the incorrect power supply. Our charger competible with MacBook Air uses same power supply parameters as the OEM one. 

 ✅ Parameters
-Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A
-QC 3.0 Output : (3.6V-6.5V )dc/3A,(6.5V-9V)dc/2A,
-USB-C Output: 5Vdc/3A,9Vdc/3A,12Vdc/3A,Please note the port is not PD and will not charge the newest Macbook Pro
-Magsafe 2 Power: 45W
-Output Short Circuit Protect: on short circuit
protection situation, our
item will stop charging to protect devices
-Over Voltage Protection:
protection system will be started
2-3 Material
Plastic Housing: PC+ABS+Fireproof material
2-4 Appearance and Interface

Little Big system of final product testing allows producing the best quality replacement MacBook Air Charger on the market

Apple – is about reliability

How many copies are broken around the gadgets of this American corporation, how many disputes, worries and discussions. Should I buy macbook pro or model from an unknown manufacturer? Should I take an expensive smartphone? Why should I buy iphone 6s if there are Chinese counterparts? These and thousands of other similar questions daily excite the minds of hundreds of people and are actively discussed on the Internet. Despite the abundance of opponents of Apple products, it is no secret to anyone that iphone and macbook are not only “status things”. Yes, they undoubtedly increase status of their owner, but the main advantage of American gadgets is high technology, modernity, convenience and reliability.

From the very moment of its foundation, Apple has always been at the forefront of technology - the company has offered only the best solutions, only the necessary functions and only in beautiful perfomance. This approach - chic and luxury, combined with the latest capabilities and technologies in every home - has deservedly become the basis of customer’s loyalty and incredible popularity around the world.

That is why, despite the unaffordable price for many people on Apple gadgets, they continue to remain popular and in demand. Excellent service, lots of additional and unique features, company features, as well as timely qualified support make Apple technology a leader in the market of mobile gadgets and computers.

MacBook and its different variations

A new word in the world of portable technology – is a MacBook. This is a laptop that combines advanced design and premium design. Ultra-thin Apple MacBook - a solution for people who do not accept compromises, choose a reliable, productive and functional technology.

Every year, "apple" products are gaining momentum in popularity. Demand for equipment is great due to high performance and premium design. Since 2006, Apple developers have offered more powerful and functional solutions (compared to the computer equipment on the market), use innovative technologies and new products to give users the opportunity to get more.

Apple laptops are designed to work at higher speed, with their help even difficult tasks become easier. You can use your MacBook to study or implement creative ideas. Power and performance are enough to download not only free applications from the Mac App Store, but also professional programs. Apple has different models of MacBook, among which MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini.

Which laptop to choose if the quality, compactness and productivity necessary for office and home tasks are important? Among office workers who know a lot about good technology, many will answer unequivocally: MacBook Air. First seen in 2008, this portable laptop is still relevant and has a large army of fans among representatives of various professions. The combination of premium design, high-quality assembly, mutual integration of hardware and the macOS operating system creates the impression of a product integrity and completeness that other manufacturers can’t boast of.

Chargers for MacBook Air

As any computer device MacBook Air needs to be charged from time to time. And sometimes original Apple charger could be broken. If you are not ready to pay enough high price for the new original charger, you can buy qualitative replacement in our online store LittleBig!

You can find different variations of chargers for MacBook Air depending on the year of issue of your MacBook. There is a great replacement of charger for MacBook Air 2012 – 2017 years of issue with 45 watts power capacity. Our charger is made of the best materials. Producers spent hours working on it, as a result, this charger is the coldest ever and 100% protected from overheating even during long time of exploitation. You won’t have any problems with the connector, because we designed T-tip connector which prevents loss of charge from the connector due to its perfect shape. Moreover, this charger is the first ever which is equipped with build-in QuickCharge 3.0 port and USB-C.

Here is the list of compatible models for this charger: MacBook Air (11-13inch, Mid 2012), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Mid 2013), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Early 2014), MacBook Air (11-13inch, Early 2015), MacBook Air (13inch, 2017).

And of course, as every charger from our store, this one is protected from not only overheating, but also it has:

  • over-voltage protection;
  • over-power protection;
  • shortcut protection;
  • overcharging protection.

Choosing this charger for MacBook Air you can be sure that your device will be safe charged every time you will use it. Not only safe, but quickly and qualitatively.

How to buy?

You can buy apple macbook (mac) air charger at very reasonable price in our online-store littlebig.com. If you are interested why is the price (cost) of macbook air 2015 – 2017 years of issue 11 – 13 inch charger (charging port) so nice, the answer is – we care about our clients. Our main goal is to give people opportunity to use good technique at mild prices.

Do not hesitate ask our managers for any help you need! They will assist you in any question.

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